Fran and THE TUSHY BOOK meet
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Macmillan's Web site for THE TUSHY BOOK includes a video and wonderful email Tushy cards!

Check out this video of a father and his two-year old reading THE TUSHY BOOK. It's wonderful!

Reviews of THE TUSHY BOOK!

"I saw the cover of this book and began giggling. The Tushy Book? Really? Really. Because 'when you're born, your tushy's there/ready to go anywhere.' And there's more: 'Every tushy's in the back/ Every tushy has a crack!/ Where would you put underwear/ if your tushy wasn't there?' And for those reading along, there's a part where we are all encouraged to say 'TUSHY TUSHY TUSHY.'

Whether you're reading this, you're going to have a lot of fun and will need extra time for giggles. The rhyme is pitch perfect, making it a great story-time book. The illustrations are full of tushies -- babies, grown-ups, even animals; some in diapers, some in bathing suits, some in the bathtub. The children are all ages and sizes and ethnic backgrounds. Adults are old and young and in-between. --Elizabeth Burns of A Chair, A Fireplace & A Tea Cozy web Site.

"Sitting down would NOT be cushy/ if you didn't have your tushy!" So preaches this lively rhymed encomium to a piece of human anatomy that's perennially popular with young audiences. The verse celebrates the blessings of the bottom ("Where would you put underwear/ if your tushy wasn't there"?) in various activities and with various owners ("Baby tushies, cute but poopy!"), and it even recognizes the sheer, slightly transgressive joy of simply saying "Tushy!" over and over—and over and over—again. There's a whole lot of "tushy" here, but the creative uses and variations will keep the concept lively for young listeners.-- Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

“We all have tushies, but readers will also all have smiles after finishing this book.”—Kirkus Reviews

 “Each of the delightful spreads gives readers a backside view of a variety of rears, humand animal, in myriad activities.”—School Library Journal 


Pic of me with the artist, Tracy Dockray